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Hi, my name is Trevor. I help people like you become smarter, make more money in a better way, exercise more, eat better, have a better relationship with your emotions, increase your social skills, improve your romantic abilities, be more confident, and fully realize your potential to make the world a better place—all at the same time.

The approach that I use is similar in essence to what is advocated by Charlie Munger and Ken Wilber. They both lament the limitations of hyper-specialization and recognize the power of multidisciplinary mental models (MMM).

While Munger and Wilber take a more academic approach, I take a more practical one. Munger is most interested in how to analyze companies for effective investing, Wilber is most interested in finding a unifying field to tie all sciences and disciplines together, I’m most interested in how to increase my quality of life. I’ve spent the better part of a decade studying and researching how to most effectively live in this chaotic world.

I’ve read hundreds of books, done many experiments and have had a lot of success. I condense all of this knowledge and wisdom into these multidisciplinary mental modes so that you can more effectively learn about how to live a better life.

I’m obsessed with getting the most results with the least amount of work. The most effective way to do this is by working on one thing in a way that gets you better at everything else. This synergy is the heart of the multidisciplinary mental models.

The more you learn about this MMM approach, the more you start to see how everything is interrelated. You start to see how to help yourself by helping others, how being more in touch with your emotions improves your diet, how having a better diet improves your creative output, how your creative output improves your self-esteem, how higher self-esteem improves your interpersonal skills, how to use your interpersonal skills to help you make more money, how improving your relationship with money helps your relationship towards sex and romance, and how the clearer you get about your purpose the more motivation you have to get better at everything else.

The most effective way I’ve found to organize these many different mental models is by piggy-backing on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs[1]. The hierarchy itself is not that important, the value comes from the distinction of all the different needs we have.

Let’s go over them briefly. (Note: this is based off of the hierarchy, not a direct replica).

  • Mind – how to think and be smart
  • Emotions – how to have a healthy relationship with your emotions
  • Security – how to feel safe and in control
  • Finances – how to become more financially free and have a better relationship with money
  • Diet – how to make it easier to eat healthier
  • Fitness – how to make fitness part of who you are, not something you have to do
  • Interpersonal – how to build authentic and fulfilling relationships
  • Romance – how to have a healthy, abundant and amazing sex life
  • Self-Esteem – how to be confident in the core of your being
  • Self-Actualization – how to realize your potential and fully step into your power

In order to live as happy and fulfilled a life as possible, you must excel at all of these different categories. If you are not mostly stoked to be alive—the sign of a high quality of life, it is likely because you are not meeting one or more of these needs in some way.

Here are some questions to help you get clearer about where you stand:

  • Mind – Are the vast majority of the thoughts in your head healthy, happy and helpful?
  • Emotions – Do you feel mostly pleasant emotions? When unpleasant emotions arise, are you comfortable with their presence? Are you able to stop unpleasant emotional loops from spiraling out of control?
  • Security – Do you feel safe and in control of your life?
  • Finances – Are you financially independent? Does your work revolve around your life? Do you have a healthy relationship with money?
  • Diet – Is the food you eat contributing to feelings of vitality and exuberance? Are you happy with your diet?
  • Fitness – Do you enjoy looking at yourself naked? Do people compliment you on your physique? Do you feel strong and in shape?
  • Interpersonal – Do you have a large amount of amazing and supportive friends?
  • Romance – Do you have an abundance of amazing sex in your life?
  • Self-Esteem – Are you confident to the core of your being? Are you more concerned about your own opinion of yourself rather than the opinions of others?
  • Self-Actualization – Are you actively realizing your greatest potential?

How many of the above questions did you say yes to? If you’re like most people, you probably didn’t answer yes to that many questions. If so, that’s okay, we don’t grow up in a society that invests in educating people about how to live, but rather brainwashes people into the opposite so they become better consumers.

If you want to be less of a consumer and more of a creator, to approach life with more effortless effort, to learn how to get to the point where you can say yes to all of the above questions, click the link below.


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