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My name is Trevor.

What I’m most interested in is making everything better.

I believe the most important aspect to making our own lives better, as well as the world, is we need to become smarter.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein 


So how do we become smarter?

First, we must be intensely curious, yet detached, about how our mind works. We must ask good questions about ourselves.

What are my weaknesses? Where are my blind spots? Where are my biases? How do other people’s experience of me differ from my own view?

How accurate are my predictions? How am I usually wrong? Do I usually overestimate or underestimate my abilities?

Idiots search for things to prove they’re right. Smart people try and find all the possible ways in which they may be wrong.

Everyone has weaknesses, blind spots and biases. The question is, how accurately do you account for them?

The more accurate our view of how our mind works, the better we will be at acknowledging what needs to be improved and how we can most efficiently improve it. So second would be using our intense curiosity to improve our own life.

How can I enjoy life more? How can I lead a more fulfilling life? How do I get rid of or minimize the parts of my life that frustrate me?

What do I want? How do I get what I want? What parts of my life are not helping me achieve my goals?

At a certain point, hopefully, our life will become good enough. Once we start to reach this point, in order to keep improving our own life, we must also improve the lives of other people and living things. We then use our curiosity to ask questions like:

How can I best help other people? How can I best influence other people? What can I do to most efficiently make the world a better place?

Am I ignoring this problem because it’s limiting my overall impact on helping the world or is it because I’m being lazy or a coward?


So the purpose of my work revolves around these three aspects of intelligence.

The goal is help solve the problems of the world by helping people become smarter.

Right now I’m writing a book that will form the foundation of real general education (what ever single person needs to know). It will also have extensive resources for further learning. Where the resources are inadequate either I, or someone on my team, will eventually write something better.

I will keep expanding on this material from books to courses, to workshops, to immersions, to a year long study to a full fledged four year university program.

The end goal is that we use the success from these programs to revolutionize the broken education system from the inside out.

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