The Benefits of the MMM System

This Multidisciplinary Mental Model system is designed to improve your life and the life of others in the most effective way possible. It accomplishes this by making it clear which actions will lead to the most benefit in all of our different needs.

For example, some people sacrifice nearly everything just to improve, or worse, have the potential to improve, their finances. They sacrifice their mental and emotional health, their diet and fitness, their social and romantic life, their self-esteem and sense of purpose in the hopes that one day they may beat the rat at it’s own race. They see their other needs as something they will deal with in the future, but right now the biggest problem is they don’t have enough money. They always need a little more money…

Now, I’m all for being wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, but the MMM approach is about becoming more wealthy while you remove stress, become healthier, build a better social and romantic life, and make the world a better place. Or rather, it’s about how to increase your ability to create wealth by taking really good care of yourself. For example, when Richard Branson was asked what’s the best way to be more productive in business, he responded simply, “working out.”

Everything is interrelated and the MMM approach is all about utilizing this concept to get better at as many things as possible in the most effective way possible.

If you’re wondering what exactly those “many things” are, below I’ve listed below some of the many benefits this system will help you accomplish.

If it seems overwhelming, realize that this is the exact opposite of a one-size-fits all approach. It’s done at a highly customized pace and structure that feels empowering to you, not overwhelming. Slow and consistent and compounding over time is far more effective than deep dives followed by crashing and burning.


  • more accurately prioritizing your life based on what you really want, not what you think you want
  • increasing how much you understand about how much you don’t know
  • showing you important things you don’t know you don’t know
  • how your mental thought patterns get in your way and how to break these patterns
  • how to better implement and sustain habits and growth
  • how to more effectively use discipline and willpower
  • how to best inspire yourself to take action
  • how to live a less stressful life
  • how to make your life more of a flow state
  • how to live in the moment but work toward the future
  • reducing the logical fallacies that you tend to make
  • how you can be more effective in the way you approach everything you do
  • how to increase your ability to learn as quickly and effectively as possible—which is more about subtraction than addition
  • how to have more and better ideas
  • how to more effectively execute your ideas
  • how to implement thought patterns that lead to perfect contentment with how everything is right now in this moment, which is part of how you…
  • simultaneously have less expectations but be more ambitious


  • how you can take more responsibility for, and therefore be more empowered by, your emotions
  • how to better act when unpleasant emotions arise
  • how to better deal with and manage unpleasant emotions
  • how to break emotional loops
  • how to detach and reframe the story in your head
  • how to maximize pleasant emotions and minimize unpleasant emotions
  • how to lose the victim mentality and step into your power
  • how to use unpleasant emotions to help you grow and learn
  • how to remain objective during highly emotional states
  • how to have a healthier relationship with your emotions
  • how to go from “Oh fuck! My life is over” to “Okay, I’m ready to deal with this” quickly.


  • how to feel more safe and secure
  • how to trust in your own abilities and have faith that you can handle anything no matter what happens
  • how to prepare for the worst but hope for the best
  • how to be braver
  • how to feel less fearful and more powerful
  • how to be more antifragile*
  • how to diversify your freedom
  • how to be more comfortable being uncomfortable
  • how to get the benefits of “faith” without the downsides


  • how to make more money in a better way
  • how to more effectively use money to increase your quality of life
  • how to improve your relationship with money
  • how to increase your earning potential
  • how to improve your network
  • how to be smarter with the money you do make
  • how to feel more fulfilled from your work
  • how to find work so fulfilling you never want to retire
  • how to get further and further away from the rat race
  • how to get out of the rat race
  • how to reduce your expenses and increase your quality of life
  • how to most effectively invest in yourself
  • how to get better at delaying gratification
  • why following your passion is bad advice and what to do instead
  • how to be great at relational business
  • how to feel more abundant and magnetize wealth

Financial goals will be different based on whether you own your own business, invest or are employed to optimize each one of these.


  • how to naturally want to eat healthier instead of having to use so much willpower
  • how to reduce guilt and shame for unhealthy eating and more fully enjoy your food
  • help with being more efficient with preparing healthy, delicious food
  • tips and techniques to make it easier to eat healthy


  • how to most effectively use your willpower to become more fit
  • how to make fitness a part of who you are, not something you do
  • how to be stronger, have more endurance and be more flexible
  • how to improve your body image
  • how to break patterns of body shaming
  • how to feel better and more comfortable in your body
  • analysis and critique on your current fitness regimen including:
    • what your goals are
    • how to most effectively achieve them


  • how to be more influential
  • how to be a better listener
  • how to be a better communicator
  • how to be better at small talk by smoothly escalating to deeper and more interesting subjects
  • how to be more socially aware
  • how to give and receive feedback in a more healthy way
  • how to be more vulnerable
  • how to better recognize your boundaries and express them in a healthier way
  • how to most effectively turn financial capital into social capital
  • how to speak more compassionately1
  • how to be more of your weird and silly self in a way that acts like a magnet for authentic connections
  • how to be easier for other people to connect with
  • how to feel more connected to and less alienated from people
  • how to be better at meeting awesome people and building community
  • how to be less resentful towards people
  • how to be a better friend, roommate, house guest and business partner to better build connections that will last the rest of your life
  • how to be more content being alone
  • how to better deal with people who are being irrational


  • how to be more attune to sexual energy
  • how to better escalate sexual energy
  • how to increase how safe people feel around you
  • how to be a better lover
  • how to be a better partner
  • how to be easier to love
  • how to be clearer about the difference between love, lust and infatuation
  • how to more effectively meet romantic partners
  • how to lessen unhealthy cravings for romance and sex and thereby increase your ability to attract romance and sex
  • how to fully love yourself without seeking external validation
  • how to heal sexual repression


  • how to get out of your head and just do what you want instead of incessantly worrying about other people’s opinions of every little thing you do or do not do
  • how to improve the way you think in a way that results in higher self-esteem without any behavioral change
  • how to feel good no matter what instead of your self-esteem being like a car without shocks—jostled by every bump in the road
  • how to more effectively keep your cool when unfavorable things happens
  • how to be less effected and even inspired by haters
  • how to be more inspired and less intimidated by greatness
  • how to better respond to fear and unwanted things happening
  • how to reduce self-loathing


  • how to more effectively help people in a profound a way as possible
  • how to get clearer about what your purpose is
  • how to better befriend the ego
  • how to let go of feelings of not being enough or never doing enough
  • how to utilize Self-Actualization to more effortlessly meet all of your other needs.


The system is designed to first help you get crystal clear about where you’re at and where you want to go in each one of the above categories. From there we figure out how you can most effectively become smarter, more in touch with your emotions, make more money in a better way, feel safer and more secure, eat healthier, be more fit, make more awesome friends, have more amazing sex, be more confident, and make the world a better place.


If you would like to learn more about how this MMM system works, click here.


1. Compassionate communication is more commonly known as “non-violent communication”, but I prefer the positive term. [return to text]