How to Live—Mastering the Fundamentals of Inner and Outer Success

This book is difficult to summarize because it’s a summary of summaries.

But in as few word as possible, the goal of this book is to help you feel as happy and fulfilled as possible.

Happiness is inner success, fulfillment is outer success. We feel happiness when we feel like everything is absolutely perfect in this moment. We feel fulfillment when we do a good job helping other people.

Life is a paradox. The purpose is to feel like everything is already perfect while simultaneously wanting to make it better. Every teaching, every discipline, everything in life falls into one or both of these categories. Check out the many examples below.

Problems and arguments arise when people glorify their favorite side and shame the other. But successful people are too busy using their entire brain to be bothered with arguing over which side of the brain is better.

When we look at all the other mental models1 for inner and outer success, through this fundamental lens, everything becomes clearer and makes more sense.2

The way the rest of these mental models are structured is based on Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation[1], where his famous Hierarchy of Needs came from. While Maslow explained what our needs as humans are, he didn’t explain how to meet those needs.

This book provides a variety of mental models to help you most effectively meet all your needs. The more effectively we meet our needs, the more happy and fulfilled we feel. The way I organize the chapters in this book are roughly based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. These needs are:

  • Physiological – obvious ones like oxygen, water, warmth, sleep, food
  • Mind – how to most effectively think, how to be smart
  • Emotions – how to have a healthy relationship with emotions
  • Security – how to feel safe and secure
  • Finances – how to become smarter with money and more financially free
  • Diet – more about how to actually eat healthier, less on what to eat
  • Fitness – more about how to make fitness more of who you are, less on the best way to exercise
  • Interpersonal – how to build authentic and fulfilling relationships
  • Romance – the fundamentals that lead to a healthy, abundant and amazing sex life
  • Self-Esteem – how to be confident in the core of your being
  • Self-Actualization – how to realize your potential and fully step into your power

While this may seem like a lot of material to cover in one book, and it is, what makes it possible to say a great deal with such a small amount of words, is how much everything interrelates.

Here are some examples:

  • How making things better and realizing that everything is already perfect feed each other
  • How the fundamentals of becoming wealthy also apply to romance and interpersonal skills
  • How important emotional wellness is towards diet, interpersonal skills and finances
  • How personal security relates towards finances and self-esteem
  • How self-actualization is both the path and destination of mastering the other levels
  • How mental wellness is the foundation of everything

Because the process of writing this book has been incredibly helpful for me, even though I already “know” this stuff, I’m excited to see how helpful it is for people who are not as familiar with all of these concepts and how they relate.

As of January 1st, 2018, I’m a bit over 50,000 words (~150 pages) into the rough draft, and it feels like a little less than halfway. It will probably take me another year to finish it.

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Thanks for your interest!

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1. This is a multidisciplinary mental model approach similar to how successful investor Charlie Munger analyzes potential opportunities. Munger is a great friend and business partner to Warren Buffet. They are two of the most successful investors in history. [return to text]

2. Which the book makes quite obvious. [return to text]