MMMS Pricing




Phase 1—Initial Jump-Start

This is where we begin with the questions and the initial analysis.

You must start here before progressing to phase 2.



You answer the questions on your own. Or you want to look at the questions before committing to the analysis.

This is for people who either can’t afford the evaluation or are simply not interested in receiving professional feedback. If you’re in this boat, I recommend you share the questions to a friend and give each other an evaluation.


Click here for the questions.




You answer the questions and I give you feedback and an extensive analysis.

Before I can give an analysis, we will have a few back-and-forths where I ask you to clarify and expand on certain answers. Once I feel like I have everything I need, it will take me approximately 1-2 weeks to complete the analysis.

The extensive analysis gives you feedback on how to most effectively improve in every area of your life with tons of recommended resources. You will also receive a recommended implementation plan.

This tier includes the questions.

While you will still get a ton of value from just the analysis, it’s such an overwhelming amount of information that I can’t go into too much detail on how to most effectively implement it all, as it could take years. If you’re going to go this far, I recommend that you also get ongoing support from the beginning.

If I know that you are committed to a re-evaluation in three months, then the implementation part of the analysis becomes much clearer as we can set quarterly goals and readjust as we go.


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Phase 2—Ongoing Support

If you are going to put in the effort for the analysis, it’s highly recommended that you get ongoing support from the beginning.

This way we can implement an action plan from the beginning and adjust as we go.


Quarterly Feedback

Ongoing quarterly evaluations.

For ongoing support, I recommend a minimum of a re-evaluation every three months. This allows us to review your progress of the last quarter, reassess the different approaches you’re taking, offer feedback and help you set goals for the next three months.

The hardest part for you is the initial question answering, the most time consuming part for me is the initial evaluation. After we have both of those completed, we have a strong base that makes it easy for effective ongoing support.

The re-evaluation is a much smaller set of questions that are designed to see how you’re progressing and an invitation to update any of your answers to the previous questions.

From $120-$148/month.

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Ongoing Email Support

Tier 3 plus ongoing email help and support.

If you want a more hands on approach than once every three months, you can get on-going email support on top of the quarterly evaluation.

Depending on your needs and budget, we can set up a check-in every week, every two weeks or every month.

During the check-in, we’ll go over everything since the last one and analyze what worked, what didn’t, what went well, what was a struggle, what new needs have arisen, and how to fine tune our approach for maximum effectiveness.

The more often you check-in, the more precise and flexible we can be with how to implement everything. If something isn’t working, we can begin trying another solution sooner. If something is working well, we can see how to best leverage it.

From $185-$282 per month.

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Ongoing Phone and Email Support.

If you want a more direct approach than email support, we can also have a consistent phone check-in.

Depending on your needs and budget we can do once a month or twice a month phone check-ins. These phone calls will last as long as they need to, within reason, until it feels complete for both of us. One hour is the bare minimum, it will most likely be at least two.

From $841-$1,591 per month.

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