Before I can give an analysis, we will have a few back-and-forths where I ask you to clarify and expand on certain answers.  Once I feel like I have everything I need, it will take me approximately 1-2 weeks to complete the analysis.*

The extensive analysis gives you feedback on how to most effectively improve in every area of your life with tons of recommended resources. You will also receive a recommended implementation plan (as mentioned on the previous page).

This tier does not include ongoing support but you can always upgrade in the future.

While you will still get a ton of value from just the analysis, it’s such an overwhelming amount of information that I can’t go into too much detail on how to most effectively implement it all, as it could take years. If you’re going to go this far, I recommend that you might as well get ongoing support. This tier is more of a test-run for those who want to see if the analysis is worth it before committing to ongoing support.

If I know that you are committed to a re-evaluation in three months, then the implementation part of the analysis becomes much clearer as we can set quarterly goals and readjust as we go.


Why does it cost $595 just to get an analysis?

$595 is a steal and that price will only go up. The amount of time, effort and education needed to thoroughly go over all of the questions, the back-and-forths to clarify, and give an extensive evaluation is immense. Also, implementing the analysis is almost guaranteed1 to lead to savings of over $1,000 a year and help increase your earning potential. It’s designed to easily pay for itself.


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