You answer the questions and I give you feedback and an extensive analysis.

Before I can give an analysis, we will have a few back-and-forths where I ask you to clarify and expand on certain answers. Once I feel like I have everything I need, it will take me approximately 1-2 weeks to complete the analysis.

The extensive analysis gives you feedback on how to most effectively improve in every area of your life with tons of recommended resources. You will also receive a recommended implementation plan (as mentioned on the previous page).

This tier includes the questions.

While you will still get a ton of value from just the analysis, it’s such an overwhelming amount of information that I can’t go into too much detail on how to most effectively implement it all, as it could take years. If you’re going to go this far, I recommend that you also get ongoing support from the beginning.

If I know that you are committed to a re-evaluation in three months, then the implementation part of the analysis becomes much clearer as we can set quarterly goals and readjust as we go.


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