Quarterly Feedback


For ongoing support, I recommend a minimum of a re-evaluation every three months. This allows us to review your progress of the last quarter, reassess the different approaches you’re taking, offer feedback and help you set goals for the next three months.

The hardest part for you is the initial question answering, the most time consuming part for me is the initial evaluation. After we have both of those completed, we have a strong base that makes it easy for effective ongoing support.

The re-evaluation is a much smaller set of questions that are designed to see how you’re progressing and an invitation to update any of your answers to the previous questions.

NOTE: You must purchase an Analysis before you can receive support. It’s essential to the process.


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Why don’t you have any monthly subscription plans?

It will work better for both of us if we commit to working together for a quarter at the bare minimum. One month is not much time.

If you cannot afford to pay in quarterly installments then this service is likely out of your price range.

How are subscriptions billed?

I want to make sure that you actually want to continue working together rather than trying to sneakily get you on recurring payments. As such, after the first cycle is complete, you will receive an email invoice for the next cycle that you must pay manually. You can choose to continue paying for each segment manually or you can save your card on Square for payments to continue automatically.

If you are paying with cryptocurrency, the same thing will apply but there is no option to have automatically recurring payments.


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